Haut, die anzieht!

Permanent Hair Removal

Enduring and intensive living? Quite simple. Get rid of annoying hair.  

Hair is beautiful. Right where it belongs. For more and more people attractive skin starts where no hair exists. The SILK ONE METHOD is a gentle and sustainable way for a life entirely free from any unsightly hair.  

Hairfree for a better body image. For more and more people.  

In the eyes of 90% of men shaved women are more attractive. About 97% of women feel more appealing when they are hairless. That is why they regularly remove their body hair, mostly on their legs. Almost every third man’s chest is clean shaven. Soft and smooth skin is a desire of most of us.
The Silk One SHR Method offers a genuine alternative to time-killing shaving, painful waxing or epilation. There is an ultimate end to annoying body hair.  

The Silk One SHR Method: 

Unique, permanent. Gentle and safe like never before.
The Silk One SHR Method is the revolutionary achievement of intensive research.
SHR stands for Super Hair Removal. A world wide new method to attain a faster and lasting result. Dermatologically tested. Pain-free and without undesirable side effects, such as may occur during laser or IPL treatment.

The Silk One Method

More gentle than usual. Conventional methods use single, high energetic light pulses of defined wave length. Melanin, the pigment that gives hair its color, is heated briefly up to 70°C so that the hair root will be deserted. But there is also Melanin in the surrounding skin. Painful side effects, such as burns may be the result. This is not the case with the Silk One SHR Method. The gentle way for permanent removal of unwanted hair involves the proteins of stemcells inside the hair follicle. The Melanin of the hair will only be very slightly affected. A safe and gentle method for permanent removal of hair suitable for nearly all types of skin.

Gentle and without risk 

Light pulses with low peak power but higher frequency than usual are the key factor. Instead of destroying the hair follicle with extreme energy and heat it will be warmed up to 45°C. This gentle temperature is sufficient to permanently desert the proteins of the stemcells. The hair root is no longer able to produce new hair. Without the risk of burns or blisters. Quite the contrary: The integrated contact-cooling with sapphire generates a feeling of well-being.  


A solution to last a life time – with Money-Back-Guarantee. With Silk One you are permanently free from irritating hair. A promise you can rely on all your life. After your treatment we offer ongoing support whenever you need us. This is the guarantee of the Silk One Easy Life Plan. The Silk One Method achieves lasting results. However, should there be need for a follow-up treatment, Silk One will fund half of the costs*. Lifelong. Guaranteed. With the Silk One Easy Life Plan you can rely on the moneyback guarantee. In short: With Silk One you are on the safe side. You will never have to worry about annoying hair. Valid from the ninth treatment. The basis is the list price of the first treatment. Valid 21 days from the date of the first treatment.