Permanent Make up

Permanent Make up ist the careful and relaxing way to a sustained natural and positive charisma.

Permanent Make up or Contour Make up is defined as a micro-pigment implantation.

Very fine color pigments are implanted into the surface of the skin by means of multiple needles. The micro pigment colors are dermatologically and pharmaceutically tested.

They are free from allergenic substances and free of binders. 

With this treatment you can

Eyebrow contour and shape

Eyelash enhancement: Your lashes appear thicker and more voluminous and highlight the expressiveness of the eyes.

Eyelids: Give your eyes the appearance of being wider and brighter; ideal for wearers of glasses and/or contact lenses!

Lip contours and shading: To perfect the symmetry of your lips.

Each and every treatment is designed to meet the specific needs and your individual ideas.

A high quality and professional make-up strengthens your self-confidence at any age- in career and private life. 


  • Finely drawn hairs


  • Lid line above
  • Lid line below
  • Lid line above and below


  • Lip contours and shading